Today I travel to the picturesque Kingdom of Fife to meet a Scottish knitting expert, Rachel.  Driving through the spectacular countryside, excitement mounts, knowing that Rachel takes her inspiration from the landscape. I can see why - beautiful rolling green hills, a light mist, with the sun just peeking through the chalky grey sky. When I reach Rachel's place, a friendly old chap - Otis the labrador - greets me, and shows me the way through the smallholding towards the main house and studio beyond. In the studio, surrounded by blankets and yarn, designs and samples, Rachel and I drink tea and talk blankets, Fair Isle patterns and Scottish wool. I'm in heaven! I tell Rachel more about Tolly McRae and she explains her architectural background and tells me about her time at Glasgow School of Art. We then talk about colours and yarns for Fair Isle knits and she tells me about her techniques and how she combines colours to make these age old heritage designs work for the interior schemes of today. I don't want to leave this haven of looms and yarn! Rachel clearly shares our love of muted tones and our obsession with softness and I’m so glad to have met her to learn more about traditional Scottish woollens.

Here are some of Rachel's fabulous traditional Fair Isle knits