Blankets & Throws

Love and relish your Tolly McRae blanket. Should it need a freshen up, wait for a blustery day and peg it out on the line. Give it a good beating and let the wind do the rest. If it needs a little more help, give it a squirt of something sumptuous. When your Tolly McRae blanket or throw becomes very grubby, pop it to the dry cleaners. It shall be as good as new in no time.

If you spill anything on your blanket try to lift the stain immediately. Do not rub; rather dab with a clean absorbent cloth or kitchen towel. If this alone does not lift the stain, run the affected area under a cold tap and gently squeeze the spill. Smooth out and leave to dry flat. Do not wring. Rubbing will cause the pile to nap and bobble so avoid where possible. Please note, Tolly McRae can not be held responsible for items damaged through spillages and staining.

Wool & Pilling  

All our blankets are 100% wool. Wool is a natural fibre and will always pill with usage; pilling is the technical term for the little bobbles that appear on the surface of the fabric. We recommend using a wool comb or fabric shaver to remove any pilling. 

Hammam Beach and Bath Towels & Kitchen Towels

Tolly McRae towels are 100% cotton and should be washed in a machine at 40C. Dry your flat weave Turkish towels on the line or until damp in the tumble dryer. The Hammam beach bath towels will not need ironing if folded straight from the dryer. The hand towels / kitchen towels benefit from a quick iron. 

Hammam beach and bath towels and Hammam style hand towels will get better and more absorbent with every wash and feel softer the more they are used. We recommend washing once before the first use.

Laundering Your Cotton Towels & Throws

Tolly McRae hammam towels are made of quality Turkish cotton. The towels are not pre-washed so you will find that they become softer and more absorbent the more they are used over the first several washes. We recommend washing before use and thereafter at 40C. Do not mix colours.

When using on holiday the towels will dry off quickly from pool and beach use when hung over a line or sun lounger.  At the end of the holiday we recommend a thorough 40C wash and steaming with a hot iron for best results. Alternatively you can wash your towels and tumble dry or line dry, shaking out any creases whilst slightly damp. 

XL cotton throws can be washed at 40C. For best results, wash, dry on a cool tumble dry until damp and then iron. Alternatively line dry your cotton throw or hang your throw over a bannister to air out.