sheepskin rugs

One thing we’re starting to talk more about is that we only use natural fibres in our products. That means that every blanket, picnic rug, towel or sheepskin you buy from us has been grown from nature and not been concocted from a bunch of chemicals.

We don’t use the synthetic fabrics that are damaging the planet and we produce products that will last a lifetime, so we don’t feed the throwaway consumer culture that’s taken hold. Wherever possible we use recycled materials and we look for sustainable options for your home.

For example, we know cashmere and the welfare of cashmere goats is a big concern, so we use recycled cashmere for our throws. As well as being more animal friendly, this cuts down on waste and carbon emissions. But what is recycled cashmere and is it any good? Recycled cashmere is cashmere produced from old cashmere items that have been shredded, separated and re-spun into new yarn. In terms of quality, the process of recycling cashmere has really developed in recent years and our weaver has found that through this process many of the short fibres that cause pilling in the end-product (your cashmere blanket) are shed so the result is a cashmere made from the strongest and longest fibres which means the cashmere throw you buy it is more durable and pills less.

Sheepskin rugs are another product we love because, as well as looking amazing in your home, sheepskin hides are a massively sustainable option. Sheepskin rugs are a by-product of the meat industry. This means they are a waste product and using it in your home saves it from going to landfill. As a result, the carbon emissions are very low because, you are not manufacturing a new product. Sheepskins will always be a sustainable choice because they are natural and can be disposed of responsibly and biodegrade over time. However, sheepskin rugs have been used for centuries due to their durability – if you buy a quality, real sheepskin rug it will last you for decades, reducing the impact on the environment caused when products only last a couple of years before needing to be thrown out. 

All our sheepskin rugs are tanned using traditional methods and our British and rare breed rugs are produced in Yorkshire so very much a local British product.

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October 05, 2021 — Danielle Tolson