green throws home accessories

The colours you choose for your home interior decor and accessories have the power to shape your mood and evoke a particular ambiance within your living space. Amongst the vast spectrum of hues, green stands as an emblem of harmony, rejuvenation, and connection to nature. When it comes to accessorising your home, incorporating the colour green can infuse your space with a timeless elegance and a soothing aura. In this feature, we explore the art of accessorising with green, with top ideas for the wool throws and cool cotton towels by Tolly McRae.

Green: A Symbol of Harmony and Serenity

Green, in all its shades and nuances, embodies a sense of balance and tranquillity. From vibrant emerald to soft sage, green offers a spectrum of possibilities to suit any style and mood. By integrating green into your home decor, you bring the serenity of nature indoors, creating an oasis of calm in our fast-paced world. Let green be the colour that nurtures your soul and revitalises your living spaces.

Tolly McRae: Where Craftsmanship Meets Nature

When it comes to high-quality green throws and home textiles, Tolly McRae stands at the forefront of excellence. Rooted in the heart of the British countryside, our brand encapsulates the essence of nature and the time-honoured tradition of craftsmanship. Tolly McRae's wool throws and cotton towels are meticulously crafted using 100% natural materials, ensuring both a luxurious feel and a sustainable choice for your home.

Luxurious Comfort: Tolly McRae Wool Throws

A selection of wool throws by Tolly McRae

Wrap yourself in unparalleled comfort and style with Tolly McRae's exquisite wool throws. Crafted from the finest Merino and pure new wools, these throws offer a sumptuous touch and a cosy embrace. With a range of green hues like moss, pear, or olive green, these throws effortlessly blend with any interior palette. Whether draped over your sofa or placed at the foot of your bed, Tolly McRae's wool throws infuse your space with an inviting warmth and a timeless elegance.

Towels: A Pop of Green with Tolly McRae

green hand towels

A bundle of green hand towels by Tolly McRae

Tolly McRae's green hammam towels and throws serve as vibrant accents that enliven your home. Add little pops of colour with a fresh green hand towel in your kitchen or hammam towels in your w/c. Patterned green and white cotton throws can enhance both indoor and outdoor space - from pool to beach to back garden. These towels are made in Turkey from high quality cotton and come in various shades of green, ranging from refreshing bright green to deep forest green. Pairing these green towels with Tolly McRae's Hammam throws creates a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic that truly elevates your indoor and outdoor entertaining space.

towels and throws earthy colour

Earthy hammam towels with and olive green cotton throw

The towels get softer and more absorbent with every wash resulting in ultra light-weight, soft touch towels that are ideal for both travel and home. 

green towels

Styling Tips: Green Delight with Tolly McRae

When incorporating Tolly McRae's green throws and towels into your home decor, consider the following styling tips:

1) Layer different shades of green for depth and visual interest.

green bed throws

2) Mix and match textures, such as pairing a chunky knit throw with a smooth velvet cushion.

3) Create a botanical-inspired oasis by incorporating indoor plants alongside your green accessories. 

4) Complement the green accents with natural materials like wood or rattan for an organic feel.

green throw picnic

5) Experiment with complementary colour schemes, such as pairing green with warm neutrals or earthy tones, to achieve a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Accessorising your home with the colour green transcends mere trendiness and becomes an everlasting statement of harmony and connection with nature. Tolly McRae's wool throws and cushions offer a luxurious and sustainable option for infusing your living spaces with the timeless elegance of green. By incorporating these exquisite accessories into your home, you create an oasis of tranquillity.