At Tolly McRae, we make blankets, throws, luxury picnic rugs and table linens for lazy days and cosy nights.  Based in the Cotswolds, our company takes inspiration from laid-back living, the great outdoors and rural life.

pure natural woolOur products are made to last a lifetime. We only sell blankets, throws, towels and linen products that are made from 100% natural fibres. If cared for well, they will last a many years. We don't want to contribute to the mountains of waste textiles created by fast fashion and cheap homeware so we will never make quick fix, cheap and cheerful goods. We hope every Tolly McRae item will be used in your homes for decades and if it is eventually disposed of, you can be assured that it won’t impact the environment in the way that man-made fabrics like acrylic, faux fur and fleece (which are essentially spun plastic) do.  Wherever possible we reuse packaging, and source locally. For hygiene reasons and to ensure safe, dry, delivery, we do use plastic mail bags but we have tasked our mail bag supplier to find a more eco-friendly alternative.