Embrace Nature's Tranquillity: Elevate Your Home with Green Throws and Cushions by Tolly McRae

green throws

The colours you choose for your home interior decor and accessories have the power to shape your mood and evoke a particular ambiance within your living space. Amongst the vast spectrum of hues, green stands as an emblem of harmony, rejuvenation, and connection to nature.

We only use natural materials. It’s always been this way, but we thought we’d tell you about it

One thing we’re starting to talk more about is that we only use natural fibres in our products. That means that every blanket, picnic rug, towel or sheepskin you buy from us has been grown from nature and not been concocted from a bunch of chemicals.

sheepskin rug

October 05, 2021 — Danielle Tolson

How to care for your wool blankets and throws

Spring is just around the corner so it’s time to refresh your home with a spring clean. One thing we get asked a lot is, “How do I clean my blanket?” so we’ve put together a guide with all you need to know about cleaning throws and blankets.

Firstly, all our throws are wool, so it’s not as simple as putting them in the washer but it’s pretty easy to keep your throw looking good.

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Sustainability Matters - Why we only make blankets and throws that are 100% natural

It's really important to us that we stick by our values, work with like minded companies and make products that we’re proud of..... 🌳🐑 Helen & I set out to make products that would last a lifetime and we only sell blankets, throws, towels and linens that are made from 100% natural fibres.

picnic rug on bike

March 29, 2019 — Danielle Tolson

Hammam towel, where have you been all my life?

Hammam Beach Towel

We're counting down the days until our summer vacation and top of our packing list is the hammam towel. If you haven’t come across these beauties before, you’re in for a treat. 

July 10, 2018 — Danielle Tolson

Get Meghan's Style Wrapped Up

With days until the Royal Wedding we can't get enough of Meghan Markle's look. So simple and classic, it's no wonder she has already cemented herself as a style icon to the nation.

We can't help noticing how often she sports a giant wrap.

May 16, 2018 — Danielle Tolson

This is how you roll your picnic rug back up...

You've had your picnic and now it's time to pack up.... but how do you get your fancy pants posh picnic rug rolled up and in its strap without it looking a mess?  This is how...

5 Reasons Why We Love Linen 

linen throws

We can't get enough of pure linen at the moment. We fell in love with real linen a few years ago when we first launched Tolly McRae and we weren't alone. There are a whole host of options available out there from stonewashed linen bedding and timeless table linen to bright coloured pool throws...

May 02, 2018 — Danielle Tolson

Cold Not Cold - Throws and Blankets that Cross the Seasons

It's that time of year where one day spring is in the air and the next it's crisp and frosty. That's why chunky herringbone throws make the perfect home and garden accessory.

picnic rugs outdoor throws

March 29, 2018 — Danielle Tolson

Beat the Beast with Wool Wraps and Blankets

The 'Beast from the East' is here and it looks like we've a cold week ahead. We have stacks of blankets at Tolly HQ so we can keep ourselves cosy through the icy blast, and we hope you keep warm too. Here are our top 4 tips to beat the beast with Tolly McRae.

February 27, 2018 — Danielle Tolson
The surprising colour that everyone's talking about

The surprising colour that everyone's talking about

Love it or hate it, the colour mustard is taking 2018 by storm. From Victoria Beckham's mustard trousers to... read more
January 19, 2018 — Danielle Tolson

Designing our blankets and throws - #interiordesign

Find out how our favourite drinks ended up influencing our blanket and throw designs...
July 03, 2017 — Danielle Tolson