We're counting down the days until our summer vacation and top of our packing list is the hammam towel. If you haven’t come across these beauties before, you’re in for a treat. 

hammam beach towel

Here’s six reasons why you can’t contemplate a holiday without a hammam.

1. Soak it up

The hammam towel is super absorbent so will dry you off in seconds. The towels are made from high quality Turkish cotton and they get more absorbent the more they are used and washed so you’ll bring them out year after year.

2. Shake it off

The hammam is a flatweave towel, so sand doesn’t get stuck in the pile like it does with terry towelling towels.

hammam towel on beach

3. You can’t argue with history

Turkish towels were first produced centuries ago to protect bathers’ modesty in communal Hammam baths which are hot, wet and humid. This means Hammam towels need to be large enough to cover the body, absorb plenty of moisture and dry fast. And for hundreds of yers, they've been doing exactly that!

4. Just look at them

Because they are flat weave, the towels can be made in intricate designs. There’s no bigger interior design trend right now than bold geometrics, so we have produced Hammam towels in two styles, a traditional diamond pattern and a classic herringbone zig zag – smart, simple and sure to get heads turning as you stroll down the beach or laze by the pool.

hammam towel diamond pattern

5. Compact and bijou

Roll them or fold them, the Turkish towel is super compact and lightweight. Our towels weigh 430 grams which means they are a really good quality hammam towel, but they aren’t nearly as heavy and bulky as a terry towelling beach towel.  

6. Spa Styling

Hammam towels look amazing indoors too – you can bring luxury spa styling to your home with a stack of hammam towels piled up in your bathroom or a couple of the Turkish towels draped over a ladder rail in your washroom.  

hammam bath towel

Did you know?

These towels have several different names, they are called Turkish Towels, Hammam Towels, Turkish Bath Towels and Peshtemal Towels.

Shop all Hammam towels featured here. £23 each, £44 for a 2 towel bundle, £60 for a 3 towel bundle, £80 for a family towel bundle.

July 10, 2018 — Danielle Tolson