It's that time of year where one day spring is in the air and the next it's crisp and frosty. One minute you're planning a sunny day out and the next you're hiding under the covers because it's too chilly to get up.

wool picnic blankets

That's why our chunky herringbone throws make the perfect home and garden accessory. Each blanket is woven from pure wool so they are fabulously versatile, whether you want a luxury picnic blanket to spread on the grass or a garden throw to wrap around your shoulders on balmy summer evenings.

Rolled in a handcrafted leather carry strap, the picnic rug is sure to get heads turning as you enjoy days out and when you take the blanket out of its strap, you have a chunky throw of such good quality it suits indoor use as well. 


Picnics - Spread the rug on the grass. Blot minor drink spills with a damp cloth and shake off food debris. 

Car boot cold weather emergencies - An ideal blanket for car emergencies or impromptu picnics.

Cornish blue herringbone picnic rug

Cornish Blue Picnic Rug / Herringbone Blanket, from £99 

Days on the beach - Sunbathers can shake sand off the blanket, roll and go. For blustery British days, sit on a deckchair and cover your knees with the blanket.

Barbecues - Perfect for dressing outdoor sofas. As the sun goes down and the temperature drops, wrap the throws around your shoulders and you can party on into the night.

Festivals - Anything goes. Sit on it, wrap it or wear it... then roll your blanket up at the end of the weekend and strap onto your rucksack for the long journey home.

Gardens - Create an intimate outdoor living space with accessories like these throws and cushions. Add atmosphere with candles and strings of lights.

Home - Roll your chunky throw and pop into a basket in the hallway or by the fire ready for chilly evenings in.

throws and blankets

The Badger Picnic Rug / Wool Blanket - From £99

March 29, 2018 — Danielle Tolson