Picnic Rug / Chunky Blanket - Boho Beige

£125.00 GBP

Prepare yourself for outdoor adventure with this cool beige picnic blanket. With its carry strap and boho weave, this luxury picnic rug is perfect for days outdoors and chilly evenings in the garden.

The picnic rug has a creamy neutral base with multi-coloured subtle stripes woven through.

This throw has natural moisture resistance so is an ideal posh picnic rug but it's also soft enough to cover your knees or wrap around your shoulders when the sun sets on your outside fun. From picnics in the park to keeping warm at festivals, you will love this outdoor throw.

And when winter comes. take this large neutral blanket out of its leather carrier handle and you have a throw of such good quality that it sits comfortably in your home, adding texture to the bottom of a bed or draped over your favourite armchair.

Hand-finished in the British Isles from 100% pure wool. Should be regularly beaten to remove dust and dry cleaned when necessary.

Size: Larger than the average picnic rug at L190cm x W149cm