It’s that time of year when all the hard work in the garden really starts to pay off and the enthusiastic grower begins to reap the rewards of months spent sowing, watering and weeding. 

In the Cotswolds village where I live, we have an annual show where the locals proudly enter their produce and flowers and if they’re lucky, they come away with a rosette. This quintessentially British tradition brings the whole community together. It was last year, as I mooched around the tables lined up in the village hall, looking at bushels of leeks and displays of pears that I thought to myself, we really need to celebrate this occasion. And so, in homage to the growers and gardeners across the land, we created our Cottage Garden Collection of throws and blankets.

We found we had many throws and blankets in the right colours already, but we'd never thought of bringing them together.  Who would team a red throw with a rust blanket and a rose pink throw? Well, not us but when we did, we found that sometimes the best combination come from nature itself, and the collection just worked.   

throws for garden

Cottage Garden Collection includes throws from our chunky wool blanket and merino wool throw collections.
September 28, 2016 — Danielle Tolson