Cranberry Red Picnic Rug / Chunky Blanket


A cranberry red picnic rug.

This large chunky wool blanket rolled up in a leather carrier strap is the ultimate posh picnic rug and a perfect Valentine's gift.

Made from pure wool, the deep red picnic blanket is ideal for spreading on the ground and soft enough to cover your knees or wrap around your shoulders if your outdoor pursuits get chilly.

Take this luxury red picnic blanket out of the strap and you have a pure wool throw of such good quality that it will sit comfortably indoors, adding a vibrant splash of colour when draped over a sofa or stacked in a basket by the fire.

Choose between a rolled red picnic rug in leather strap or buy the red wool blanket alone, without the leather carry strap.

Make extra special by personalising the Cranberry Red picnic rug here.

Size 149cm x 190cm