Picnic Rug / Chunky Blanket - Rambling Rose


A chunky bright pink herringbone blanket rolled in a chestnut leather carrier strap.

This versatile pink herringbone blanket is perfect for outdoor pursuits.  Made from 100 percent pure wool, this cosy throw has natural moisture resistance so is an ideal posh picnic rug but it's also soft enough to cover your knees or wrap around your shoulders when chilly outdoors.   

Take this ample blanket out of the leather carrier strap and you have a throw of such good quality that it sits comfortably in your home, adding vibrant colour to the bottom of a bed or draped over a your favourite armchair.

This show-stopping bright pink picnic rug sure to get heads turning as you stroll through the park, swinging it by your side.  Please note, our latest batch has been toned down with a subtle light grey fringe.

Size: 150cm x 190cm min