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Lemon Curd Picnic Rug / Chunky Blanket


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The Lemon Curd picnic blanket is being re-woven and will be ready mid-summer. Please click on the green tab to be added to the waiting list or email helen@tollymcrae.co.uk.

This pastel yellow picnic blanket is made from pure wool and is super soft to sit on. Perfect for picnics and basking in the summer sun, the throw is larger than the average picnic blanket meaning you and all your friends can laze around all day on it.  

A perfect wedding gift, the picnic rug will last forever.  Because it is woven from such great quality wool, it provides natural moisture resistance so it is an ideal posh picnic rug and is also soft enough to cover your knees or wrap around your shoulders on balmy summer evenings.

Take this picnic blanket out of its strap and you have a chunky lemon throw that will sit comfortably indoors, adding a splash of colour when draped over a sofa or at the bottom of the bed.