Sheepskin Rug - British Natural White


A natural sheepskin rug.

Made from the hide of young British sheep, this natural sheepskin rug is beautifully thick and silky. The sheepskin comes from sheep around a year old so it's an ideal size for a bathmat, dining chairs or for over a bench. The rug is also perfect for your little ones and makes a great bedside rug for nurseries and kids' rooms.

Our classic sheepskin rug is 100% natural and hasn't been dyed or bleached. All our British Natural White Sheepskin rugs are colour classified as 'white' but each rug is unique and so can vary from off white to creamy white to golden hued. 

The British natural white sheepskin rug is tanned in Britain and hand finished in Yorkshire.

Please note, there is a 14 day delivery on this item so please do not select faster or next day delivery.

Average length 90cm

Made from: 100% sheepskin