Blankets & Throws

Love and relish your Tolly McRae blanket. Should it need a freshen up, wait for a blustery day and peg it out on the line. Give it a good beating and let the wind do the rest. If it needs a little more help, give it a squirt of something sumptuous. If your Tolly McRae is very grubby, pop it to your local dry cleaners and ask them to give it a good seeing too. It shall be as good as new in no time. If you spill anything on your blanket we advise you try to lift the stain immediately. Do not rub, rather dab with a clean absorbent cloth or kitchen towel. If this alone does not lift the stain, run the affected area only under a cold tap and gently squeeze out the spill. Smooth out and leave to dry flat. Do not wring out. Rubbing will cause the pile to nap and bobble so avoid where possible. Please note, Tolly McRae can not be held responsible for items damaged through spillages and staining.
All our blankets are 100% wool. Wool is a natural fibre and will always pill with usage; pilling is the technical term for the little bobbles that appear on the surface of the fabric. We recommend using a wool comb or fabric shaver to remove this pilling. This Philips Fabric Shaver from John Lewis comes highly recommended, but there are other brands and retailers that sell similar.

Laundering Your Linen Bedding

Tolly McRae linen is pre-washed so shouldn’t shrink a great deal, but our technical chaps tell us that slight shrinkage post wash is normal. Wash on a standard warm setting. Keep at 40C or below for colours. Do not boil wash. Use a gentle detergent.  No bleach. No chlorine. No other harsh chemicals. Adding a drop of white vinegar (yes vinegar) to the wash helps with softness by preventing detergent and lime build up. 
Linen needs lots of space to thrash around in the machine so do not overload.  Washing in an overloaded machine can also cause the fabric colour to become streaked and there’s only one thing we like streaky in the morning and it’s not our bed linen (....the bacon!!!). Linen items have to be thoroughly rinsed in plenty of water to remove all detergent and prevent the formation of so-called ‘age spots’ due to oxidation - another reason not to overfill the machine.
It may be common sense but for those of you lacking in this department..... never mix lights and darks in the wash. Dark colours can run (especially in a hot wash) and it will all end in tears. If you choose to tumble your linen in the dryer, do so on a low heat and make sure you remove whilst damp.  It is very important that you do not allow your linen to become over dry. This makes it brittle and harder to iron. Reshape and smooth while damp and never wring your linen out. We think the rough and ready look on linen is fabulous, giving you an air of ‘I’ve-got-much-better-things-to-do-than-slave-over-a-hot-iron chic’ – but if rumples really aren’t for you, it’s always best to iron while slightly damp on the reverse side. Do not iron when very damp or wet, as this will cause scorching. Please note, Tolly McRae can not be held responsible for items damaged whilst laundering or due to spillages.