Spring has well and truly sprung in our neck of the woods and we’ve been out and about with our families (and our picnic rugs) enjoying the long awaited sunshine over the last few weeks. The Tolly family had a fabulous trip to the New Forest, spending a rather splendid afternoon at Highcliff beach. The boys went crazy and actually plunged themselves into the freezing waters, while Tolly and her chum soaked up the rays, scoffed a few sausage rolls and had a good gossip. 

Picnic on the beach

Meanwhile, the McRae clan stayed closer to home with a picnic by the canal at a local beauty spot. They were somewhat accosted by a herd of cows and had to cover the kids' eyes as a couple of the bovine beasts got rather familiar with each other, but managed to manoeuvre away from the humping heifers without further embarrassment. Both families took a new season Tolly posh picnic rug along for a real life road-test and are glad to report that they held up well on sand (quick shake and it’s gone), on slightly damp grass (no seepage) and against the expected and rather sticky spillages (quick rub with a baby-wipe).  

picnic by the river